About Us

Here at Infrared Analysis, Inc., our primary focus is to build long-path gas cells for FTIR spectrometers that are economical to use, while also providing the ultimate in performance and versatility. 

And while we currently have gas cells in laboratories all over the world, we are probably most proud of the fact that some are still being used after fifteen or more years and are still providing exceptional performance and results for their proud owners. 

Our gas cells have been used in countless research projects and amazingly different applications. Here at "Infrared" we do our best to help you achieve your analytical goals. 

The origins of Infrared Analysis, Inc. can be attributed to our fearless founder, Dr. Philip L. Hanst.  In 1982 in his back yard in Cary, N.C., he began making long-path "White" cells in a small shed for a few friends and associates that were involved with FT-IR gas analysis.  From there things progressed and in 1985 the company was incorporated in Ossining N.Y. where Philip lived and worked on gas cells in his basement.  Soon business was booming, and before long the manufacturing portion of the business moved to Anaheim. Philip soon followed, bringing his many ideas for new products and his drive to succeed with him. He continued to work until he was 82, and our tireless founder still spirits us on to do our best and make the best gas cells in the market!

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