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Here at Infrared Analysis, Inc., our primary focus is to build long-path gas cells for FTIR spectrometers that are economical to use, while also providing the ultimate in performance and versatility. And while we currently have gas cells in laboratories all over the world, we are probably most proud of the fact that some are still being used after twelve or more years and are still providing exceptional performance and results for their proud owners. Our gas cells have been used in countless research projects and amazingly different applications. Here at "Infrared" we do our best to help you achieve your analytical goals.

Long-Path Gas Cells

Infrared Reference Spectra

We have been building Infrared Gas Cells for Laboratories around the world since the early 80's.

Our "QASOFT DATABASE" is one of the most extensive Infrared Gas-Phase Reference Libraries in the world.

Get into the Gas Analyzing Business - for Less!

"QASOFT" - a powerful tool for Analytical Chemists.

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Extend your Capabilities without breaking the bank!

We configure your transfer optics for you for an quick and easy install!

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